How to not be a jerk – Vol. 1

Let’s talk about driving etiquette for a moment. Driving at night, specifically- and yes, this is something of a rant so please bear with me.

Can you please remember to turn your brights off when you encounter oncoming traffic?

I get it, you’ve been driving with them on for a few miles and it’s easy to forget. I’ve probably forgotten a time or two as well. But there’s this one guy. I swear it’s the same Ford Escape every freaking night that I’m driving to work. He ALWAYS has them on, and he has not once turned them off for me when we cross paths. I end up blinded, and creeping along at about 10 mph under the speed limit, praying for the spots in front of my eyes to go away quickly so that I can resume my drive at a more reasonable pace.

Cars have all sorts of sensors now. Can we not have a sensor that acknowledges that there is a vehicle oncoming, and will either warn you to turn the brights off, or turns the headlights back down to normal brightness automatically? I feel like we have the technology for this already, but it has not been made available. Someone, get on this!

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