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Heartbreak and moving on.

So, it’s been a long month or two. Really long. It started with extra hours at work, ended in a spontaneous vacation with a long-time friend/new boyfriend, with an awkward middle part of consisting of a breakup.

Naturally, I have decided to use this stuff as fodder! Go me!

Extra hours at work is actually a good thing, in my opinion. Financially, I’ve grown shrewd and greedy. I adore finding extra money attached to my paychecks, and squirreling it away. Not so much for a ‘rainy day’ but I just get an intense personal sense of joy at seeing my savings account grow. Part of me equates that with success.

Late January, the breakup happened. It was a mild and uneventful parting of  ways. Not bad at all, really. I was pretty bummed for a couple of days. That probably makes me sound a bit on the heartless side. I promise, I do have a heart in here somewhere. There’s just no reason to cling to something that isn’t working out, and no point in harboring remorse or sadness for a long period of time. An ex of mine was pretty irritated once at my lack of devastation and called me a sociopath. I prefer to think of it as an opportunity rather than a loss, is all- and if that makes me a sociopath, then that’s fine. It also makes me a happier person so really, where’s the bad side?

This leads me to J. I’ve known him for a long time now. Close to ten years, if not longer? Anyway, he drove over to take me on a date (he lives about 6 hours away, so this is impressive), and I actually had a great time. Enough so that I was sad to see him go. A week later, he invites me to go on vacation with him in the Caribbean. On a cruise. For a whole week. A bit intense for a second date, but I’ve always been a little on the adventurous side, so of course, I accepted. It was fabulous.


You’d think after a full week of being with someone constantly, you’d start to get on each others’ nerves. Nope! Hanging out with J was fantastic the whole time, and we didn’t even have sex.

We still haven’t. He has another visit planned for April, and I will probably drive up to see him for a weekend at some point between now and then. I like this guy. A lot.

Anyway, back to the vacation. There was a topless beach on St. Maarten. On the French side of the island- it’s apparently split between the Dutch and French. They have separate power plants and everything, it’s crazy. Haggling for stuff on St. Thomas and Nassau was fun- I found out that if you act unimpressed with the prices, counteroffer, and walk away when they try to hold firm on the original price, they’ll chase you with a better offer. As someone who doesn’t like letting go of money I don’t have to, this was amazingly fun for me.


I got to see the Atlantis resort in Nassau, and watched J do some gambling. Gambling is not so much a pastime I enjoy for myself, but it’s always exciting to watch. I ate some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life, and tried lobster for the first time ever. Pretty damn good stuff.

So, I’m in charge of the next fun activity, which will be in April when he visits. He’s always been super into the luxury stuff, and it was nice to try for once- a lot different from the things I typically enjoy doing. Since the cruise was a major change of pace for me, I’m taking him and my daughter fishing. Low key, peaceful, and fun. I’m getting him a fishing license and a decent pole to use; my kid and I already have our own. See, I’m the out-doorsy type. And this guy’s never actually been camping, so I’m easing him into this stuff a little at a time. I can’t just up and take him on a week long backpacking trip or anything like that.

Rest assured. It will be fabulous, and there will be pictures.

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