Relationship stuff

Scavenger Hunts and LDR

So, I’ve had quite a few long distance relationships, and I’ve noticed the biggest part is keeping up the interaction between the two of you, even when it might be a hot minute before you get the chance to actually talk again. I’m a huge fan of scavenger hunts, because it gives the other person an opportunity to feel that interaction without you having to be present for it.

The most recent way I’ve done this combines the hunt with something that J really enjoys. See, this is where knowing a lot about your SO’s interests really comes in handy. I know he loves magic tricks. Especially card tricks. So, I bought him a deck of cards. I popped it open, and wrote something to him on each of the cards, then when I went up to meet him before our vacation, I hid them all around his apartment. He was in the bathroom at the time, so has no clue where they all are! He does stumble across one every day or so, and he loves them so far. I’ll do a YouTube video when I go to prep the next deck (because he sort of has a collection of decks, I’m helping him grow that collection with novelty decks).

Maybe someday soon, I’ll compile a list of all the methods I’ve used to create these little ‘hunts’, and anyone else in a LDR will be welcome to use them.

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